Series Story House Classics
Level Level 5
Examinations PET
CEFR level B1


Eighteen-year-old Judy Abbott has spent her childhood in an orphanage. When a wealthy benefactor reads an amusing school essay written by her, he decides to pay for her college education. It’s like a dream come true. He believes she has a talent for writing and that she will one day become a successful writer. In return, she must write him a letter once a month. They will never meet and she must never know who he is. She will know him only as John Smith, a boring name that she decides not to use. Instead she will call him Daddy-Long-Legs, as she knows that he is tall and thin. She saw his shadow as he left the orphanage. Who is this mysterious benefactor and will she ever meet him? The story is written in the form of a series of letters – the letters that Judy writes to Daddy-Long-Legs.

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